Being a Managing Partner at Bilal Metal Fabrication (BMF) which is working in close coordination with Bilal Industries, I am proud to dictate that our vast experience and in-depth knowledge in the fields of coil servicing, manufacturing of seam welded hollow section steel and trading of all kinds of steel, aluminum and much more, made us the perfect fit for Bilal Metal Fabrication. BMF are now able to combine the expertise of both Bilal Industries and Bilal Metal Fabrication in order to deliver high quality products and services, which meet the exact requirements of our customers. We are able to carry out the design, fabrication, manufacture and installation of metal sheets and are fully equipped with the facilities to perform the cutting, bending, folding & provide polishing/ finishing of aluminum, copper, steel & stainless steel metal sheets. Thank you for your interest in BMF. I request you to look through the website and brochure to know more about us and I hope you choose us to provide you with the best products and services possible.