Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our sheet metal fabrication shop is set up to accommodate many different facets of designs. We specialize in stainless steel, aluminum and all other sheet metal shearing, brake forming and welding to create quality custom products and fulfill all our customer’s needs. We have qualified personnel with the experience and ability to assist in the design aspect as well.

Moreover, we specialize in perforated sheet cutting as well. Having ability to handle all your sheet metal fabrication needs is what makes Bilal Metal Fabrication an ideal choice for this kind of work. Our bending department maintains a wide variety of press brakes in various sizes to accommodate any size bending or forming job quickly and accurately. We specialize in high volume work with the ability to provide a fast run around for your parts.


  • Wall Cladding:
    1. Plain Sheet Cladding
    2. Perforated Sheet Cladding
    3. Bubbles Cladding
  •  Perforated Architectural Features
  • Stainless Steel Features
  • Column Cladding